Volker Rule’s Impact on Hedging Rate Locks; Potential HARP 2.0 Borrower Pool Defined

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Money is money, right? If Congress can place a ” mortgage tax ” in the form of higher g-fees, and use the money to help cover a payroll tax waiver extension, can the states use the mortgage servicer settlement money to pay for chalk in classrooms ? How much is $1 trillion? One thousand million is a billion, and one thousand billion is a trillion. According to Business Week, outstanding student debt in the United States is approaching $1 trillion-that is $3,333 per head for our population of about 300,000,000. Is this an example of living beyond one’s means? The Federal Reserve noted in a White Paper last month that the current mortgage lending standards are holding back younger first-time homebuyers. Student debt has, for the first time in the US, surpassed credit card debt, with recent university…(read more)

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