Mortgage Rates Improve For Third Straight Day

Posted To: Mortgage Rate Watch

After beginning the week in significantly worse shape, Mortgages Rates finish the week having fought back in small increments against that weakness in each of the past three sessions. The losses on Tuesday (which was the beginning of the week due to the President’s Day holiday) brought Best-Execution rates for 30yr Fixed Mortgages to 4.0% on average. That was the first time in almost month! But rates slowly fought their way back down to a point where 3.875% once again is the Best-Execution rate for the majority of lenders in our survey. Read more about what that means in this previous post with more detailed discussion about Best-Execution calculations . We were prepared for some volatility today, primarily due to the inception of Greece’s private sector debt swaps, wherein Greece would officially…(read more)

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