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In the old days, when rotary dial telephones roamed the earth, and it took more time to dial a 8 or 9 or 0 than it did a 1 or 2 or 3, area codes were set up accordingly. (That is why the big cities in the 1940′s, population density-wise, all had the small numbers like 213, 312, 212, 214, etc. – it took less time to dial.) Rotary dial telephones are pretty much gone, and technology marches on: the results from the latest Fed study show that one in five Americans with mobile phones used their mobile phone to access financial accounts last year , and mobile banking is poised to expand further over the next year with usage possibly increasing to one in three mobile phone users by 2013. Here is the study, which certainly has ramifications for mortgage bankers and Realtors . “Rob, when are you going…(read more)

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