Feb Texas Holdem Poker dan Domino Online Bonus Setiap Deposit Texas Holdem Poker dan Domino Online 10% Bonus Setiap Deposit - Ukuran sebenarnya dari standar terbuka Anda benar-benar terserah pada Anda. Untuk setiap tingkat buta hanya memilih ukuran terbuka meningkatkan standar dan pergi dengan itu. Dalam hal tirai besar ini dapat berubah dari tingkat buta buta tingkat tetapi harus diubah berdasarkan ukuran stack tidak kekuatan [...]


The all-new is now available!

The site you know and love has just got better! The completely redesigned has been developed with the buyer and seller in mind. We’ve kept the simplicity of the previous website, included tons of new features sure to make your home search that much easier! Some of those new features include: Simple search browsing [...]


Video: PMZ Mobile on the iPhone

Many of you are already using this, but many are not. We put together this brief tutorial to navigate our exclusive iPhone application. PMZ Mobile offers a FREE mobile app, exclusively for the iPhone! This easy to use application is the companion you need for your home search. Check out the video below to find [...]


Property Detail Flyer – UPDATED!

Yesterday, we rolled out the new version of the PMZ Property Detail Flyer. This update adds several features that our clients have been asking for: the ability to get driving directions to the property, local amenities around subject property and information on local area schools and community organizations. Driving Directions Just type in your current [...]


PMZ’s iPhone App Shines!

1000 Watt Consulting (the folks who rated in the top ten websites in the United States) are taking a close look at the real estate brokerage community’s mobile initiatives. This time, specifically, iPhone applications. We were given some kind words from Brian Boero, one of the owners of the national real estate consulting firm, [...]


Cool Tool: Translate your Documents with Google

Well, a lot of tech savvy users are probably asking themselves, “So what? Google has had translation support forever now?” –Well, not like this. Now you can upload files (DOC, PDF, TXT, HTML, XLS) to Google’s translation engine, it will read the file for you and spit out a web page with the translated document [...]


Realtors: ‘What is Twitter?’ In plain English

Lately, I’ve been asked by many Realtor®s and others, ‘What exactly is Twitter?’ Here is a quick video to explain!


When computers fight back!

I know there is a lot of hustle and bustle around the ‘internets’ today about the April Fool’s worm, Conflicker.c, that has already infected MILLIONS of computers and was supposed to activate today turning the infected machines into remote drones. So far, nothing has happened.  Since I know you are oh so disappointed, here are [...]


Using Technology for Social Networking

I recently spoke with our Stockton PMZ Residential Real Estate agents about how to leverage social networking to expand their sphere of influence. I was inspired by this article on entitled, “Can Facebook Save the Real Estate Market?” by Daniel McGinn. In the article, McGinn mentions stories of real estate professionals leveraging Facebook’s social [...]